Communication is the Key to Buying and Selling Toronto Real Estate

Creative Commons License photo credit: theogeo

So you are trying to buy or sell your Toronto Real Estate. Maybe you have your home for sale or maybe you are looking to buy a condo or home.  Are you frustrated because you feel like you’re not communicating with your REALTOR®?  What options have you been given for communication?  With all the new technology and social networking that is going on now, there is no reason for you to feel like there is a lack of communication.

Just the fact that you are reading this article shows you that there are many different ways to communicate with a REALTOR®.   At the moment you can communicate with me by phone, fax, text message, e-mail, twitter, and facebook.  I also do instant messaging but I am not online often enough for that to be effective.

  • Phone:  I can be reached by phone at the office or on my cell.  It does occasionally happen, that I don’t answer the phone.  Voice mail is returned within 30 minutes, unless I have told you differently in my message.
  • E-mail:  You can e-mail me 24 hrs a day.  I am always checking e-mail during the day and respond quickly.
  • Text:  Text messaging isn’t the easiest way for me, but I still do it happily.  It will be easier soon as I plan on upgrading to a full keyboard phone shortly.
  • Facebook:  You can add me as friend on facebook.  I always like making new friends.  I even have widget on the sidebar for you to click to view my profile.  Go ahead and add me, but make sure you tell me why you wish to be my friend.
  • Twitter:  My account is TO_Real_Estate,  feel free to follow me.  I usually follow anyone who follow’s me.
  • Fax:  Really old school method of communication, but I do have it so if that’s what you want to use go ahead.

I sell Toronto Real Estate and being able to communicate with you is very important.  Let me know how you would like to be communicated with.  If I haven’t offered your preferred method of communication, let me know what it is so I can added it.  This is likely the most important transaction of your life;  you need to be able to get in contact with me anytime you feel the need.  Let’s communicate your way.

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