Condo Seller Information: For Sale By Owner On The MLS, The Mere Posting

It has been a couple of years now since the rules for our Multiple Listing Service, or MLS have changed to allow consumers who wish to sell there home without using the services of a REALTOR®, post there listing on the MLS by hiring an agent just for the purpose listing it for sale on the MLS and then having buyer agents contact the owner directly.  These listings are referred to as “Mere Postings”.  The seller then can sell the property on their own to their own buyer, or choose to co-operate with a buyer agent.

To post your listing, you will hire a Real Estate Brokerage that provides the service for a flat fee.  The brokerage will then broker load the property to the MLS along with the sellers contact information.  If an agent has a buyer for your type of property, they will contact you directly to arrange a showing and compensation should their client purchase your home.

The brokerage that I am part of does not offer Mere Postings as a Service.  This is something that I support, I do not feel that just posting your listing on the MLS is a good plan.  There is more to selling your home than just the MLS, I also don’t believe most agents will show your Mere Posting.


Steven Campbell, Sales Representative
Forest Hill Real Estate Inc., Brokerage

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