Downtown Toronto Condos Statistics MLS C08: August 2008

Today were taking alook at how the market did for the month August 2008.  We are only looking a Downtown Toronto Condo Sales in the MLS district CO8.  Last week we took a look at C01 stats, you can view them here:  Downtown Toronto Condos Statistics: August 2008 MLS C01

Average Days on Market

The average days on market for August was 22.53 days, up 4.06% over august 2007.

Condos Unit Solds

August saw 88 units sold in C08,  That is down from July’s 119 and also down from august 2008’s 115.

Average Selling Price C08

The average selling price for August is $317,014,  This is up over August 2008’s average of $300,760.  It is down from July’s selling price average of $337,880.

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