Selling Your Property With Technology

Selling a property in this digital era, requires the use of technology. The fact that you are reading this page shows how true this is. According to National Association of REALTORS 87% of buyers start their search on-line. Even though this is an American organization, Canadians internet usage is very similar. I actually think this percentage is likely higher now.

Not all REALTORS give the same service. Be sure that you know what any REALTOR you decide to use is going to do for you. View my Guaranteed Home Selling System page to see more about what I do.

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  • A professional photographer will shoot 10-20 high resolution photos
  • High quality photos will show off the property to its maximum potential
  • Make buyers get attached to the property prior to visiting your home.


  • Each property will get their own website.
  • Each website includes its domain name (www. youraddress . com),
  • The website will feature photos, property and neighbourhood information.
  • The site itself is then advertised on-line.


  • Every property gets a virtual tour, both in 2D and 3D.
  • A virtual tour allows for buyers to view your property like a 24 Hr virtual open house.
  • When many visitors come to view the property they are already emotionally invested.


  • Your home will be placed on the MLS Even with all the a lot of marketing and web presence, there are over 30000 REALTOR’s® in the Toronto Real Estate Board, so marketing on the MLS is a must.

  • Properties that are listed on the MLS are syndicated on the public facing website
  • This site gets thousands of visitors every month.
  • The virtual tour and professional photos are used on this site and the MLS.


  • In addition to what you have already seen above, all listings are advertised on Craigslist, Kijiji, OLX and over 20 other sites where potential buyers look for on-line.


  • Your property will be promoted via social media on Facebook, and Twitter and YouTube.


  • All listings are placed on,
  • Via our IDX (Internet Data Exchange). All listings will be shown on 1000’s of other Toronto Area REALTORS® for there clients to view.


  • Listings are placed prominently on several of my websites. Including this one. All my sites rank well in google for lots of buyer related search terms.


  • One complaint I hear from the general public is that the communication with their REALTOR is not very good. Too help with this, all clients have access to log in to their property website. They will be able to view how many visitors have viewed their listing and how those visitiors got there. Also, I am always available by phone, text, e-mail, twitter, and facebook.
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