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Downtown Toronto Condos Statistics: C01 October 2008

With all the doom and gloom being reported in the media, you would think that prices would be dropping everywhere.  Lets take a look at Toronto Real Estate Board’s districts C01.  We are only looking at Condos and include all units sold during the month of October.  There was a drop in units sold, and increase in days on market and an increase in the average selling price.  Even though condo prices increased a little, buyers are now getting more time to make there decision.

Condo Units Sold

There were 154 units sold in October, down from 297 units sold in 2007 and 242 units sold in 2006.

Average Days on Market

The Average days on market in October was 32.24.  This is up 49.76% over last Octobers and 11.09% over 2006.

Condo Average Selling Price

The average selling price for Condos in C01 during the month of October was $352,212.  This is up 3.56% over last years  $340,105.  This is also up 12.33% over October 2006’s average price of $313,547.

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Downtown Toronto Condos Statistics: August 2008 MLS C01

The below statictics are for Downtown Toronto Condos in MLS District C01 for the Month of August 2008.  Watch in the next couple of weeks for August stats for Cityplace, Liberty Village, Waterpark City and other area’s in the downtown core.

Average Days on Market

The average days on market for August 2008 was 26.95 days, which is marginally higher over July.

Condos Units Sold

August saw 251 condo units sold, down from 333 units sold in July and down from 297 in August 2007.

Average Condo Selling Price

August 2008’s average selling price in Downtown Toronto C01 was $331,611, Down from $351, 016 in July.  Interestingly the August 2007 Average Selling price was $331,631.

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