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Toronto Real Estate Board Market Update for April 2008

GTA resale housing market moderate in April, but prices up

May 5, 2008 — With 8,762 houses sold in the Greater Toronto Area, April’s resale housing activity was down seven per cent from the record 9,452 transactions from the same timeframe a year ago, Toronto Real Estate Board President Maureen O’Neill announced today.

“The market is showing signs for a healthy 2008 compared to the diminished activity we saw in the first quarter of the year,” said Ms. O’Neill. “We continue to experience a supply and demand situation and to-date, it remains a sellers market.”

Sales activity however, was markedly different in the 416 and 905 regions. With 3,467 transactions in the City of Toronto, sales were down 10 per cent from a year ago. The 905 region was down five per cent from April 2007 sales, with 5,295 homes changing hands.

April’s GTA average price was $398,687, up eight per cent from the same period a year ago. In the City of Toronto, the average price was $446,781, up six per cent from last April. In the 905 region the average price increased five per cent compared to a year ago, to $367,196.

Several neighbourhoods experienced strong sales in April.

Scarborough East (E08) saw an eight per cent overall sales increase compared to April 2007, driven by robust detached home sales.

Caledon (W28) experienced a 15 per cent increase compared to the same timeframe a year ago as a result of strong condominium sales.

Condominium sales also drove Willowdale (C07) to a 32 per cent increase from a year ago.

In Thornhill sales increased eight per cent from last April due to strong detached home sales. “The number of listings on the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service has increased to 24,539, up seven per cent from a year ago, which is good for homebuyers, who will find a greater range of options in the market,” said Ms. O’Neill. “With prices continuing to appreciate and increased listing inventory there are favourable factors in today’s market for consumers.”

Source: TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board) 

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Toronto Real Estate MLS Statistics: March 2008

It is time to look at some Toronto real estate statistics.  Below are graphs using information taken from the MLS and include all Toronto Districts.  Starting tomorrow you will be able to find the same information broken down district by district starting with C14 and will include all the C districts and E01-E03.  As always you can get this information broken down by street or postal code, just contact me for more personalised information. 

March Number of Units Sold 

Toronto Number of Units Sold March 08

There were 7011 units sold in March, up from 6527 in February

March Average Days on Market

Toronto Average Days on Market March 08

March’s average days on market was 29.76, Down from 30.91 in February

March Sold to Asking Price Ratio

Toronto Average asking to selling price ratio march 08

On average properties in Toronto sold for 98.36% of the Asking Price, the average is up marginally from February’s 98.32%.

March Average Selling Price 

Toronto Average Selling Price March 08

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Toronto Real Estate Terrible MLS Photo of the Day #17

 Terrible MLS photo of the day LOGO

It has been a week since the last Terrible MLS photo of the day so I thought it was time for another one.  Don’t worry, there are plenty more to come they seem to be new photos everyday.

I suppose the agent thought this was a great photo of the scenic nature of the property but it is just bad.

Toronto Real Estate Terrible MLS Photo of the Day #17

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Toronto Real Estate Statistics: February C14 North York

Below are some statistics for North York real estate from february 2008.  The stats provided look at the Toronto Real Estate Boards MLS district C14 roughly located between Highway 401 north to Steeles and Yonge Street, east to Bayview.  

North York C14 Units Sold

During february 2008 there were 132 units sold, up from 124 sold during January. 

 February 08 C14 MLS Units Sold

C14 Average Days on Market

The average days on market in February 08 was 28.42, which is down from 29.48 in January

February 08 C14 Average Days on Market

C14 Average Asked to Sold Ratio

Home owners in North York C14 are getting about 99.51% of asking price.  Which is down slightly from Januarys 99.57 %.

Febraury 08 Average Sold to asked ratio C14

C14 Average Median Selling Price

The average median selling price for february 2008 in c14 was $327,000.00, which is up from $292,500.00 in January.

February 08 C14 Average Median Price

C14 Average Selling Price

February saw the average C14 selling price increase to $392,529.00 over January 2008 average of $366,488.00

February 08 C14 Average Selling Price

This information is be broken down into street by street statistics.  Let me know if you would like the results for your street or neighbourhood anywhere in Toronto.

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Toronto Real Estate Terrible MLS Photo of the Day #16

MLS Terrible Photo of the day logo

Well I guess this photo isn’t that terrible, but why are there so many photos on the mls like this.  What is the point of showing a white wall.  The only purpose I see for this photo was to fill the 9 maximum mls photos allowed for a listing.

Toronto Real Estate, Terrible MLS Photo of the Day #16

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Toronto Real Estate Terrible MLS Photo of the Day #15

Toronto Real Estate Terrible Photo of the Day logo

Welcome to another terrible mls photo.  I am not really sure what is the purpose of this photo.  Is it the paint colour, carpet on the stairs, the stairs themselves or is it the hardwood that is important?  Either way, I don’t think this should be on any listings.  Toronto Real Estate photos should be taken by a professional photographer,  not just taken for the sake of filling up the 9 photo limit on the MLS.

Terrible MLS Photo of the Day #15

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Toronto Real Estate Statistics: TREB Mid March Update

Toronto Real Estate Board says GTA resale housing market still down

March 19, 2008 — Resale home transactions in the Greater Toronto Area continued at a moderate pace during the first half of March, Toronto Real Estate Board President Maureen O’Neill announced today.

With 3,183 transactions to mid-month, sales in the GTA and in Toronto declined 14 per cent and 18 per cent respectively compared to the same timeframe a year ago.

“It’s important to recognize that we have endured the snowiest winter since 1939 and this has undoubtedly affected the market,” said Ms. O’Neill. “The storm that pounded the GTA during the second weekend of March likely had more people focused on shoveling sidewalks than house hunting.”

Despite moderate activity, the value of homes in our city continues to appreciate. At an average of $385,405 in the GTA and $409,116 in Toronto, prices have increased five and four per cent respectively compared to a year ago.

As well, some neighbourhoods experienced an increase in activity during the first half of March.

At the North end of the Greater Toronto Area, Georgina (N17) experienced a 39 per cent increase in sales during the first half of March, driven mainly by detached home transactions.The Agincourt area of Scarborough (E07) experienced a 12 per cent overall increase in sales compared to a year ago based primarily on strong condominium apartment sales.

Strong condominium apartment sales also allowed the Weston area in York (W04) to hold strong, with a 28 per cent overall increase compared to a year ago.

Toronto’s Downtown core (C01) has also experienced healthy sales activity so far this month, due to strong condominium apartment sales as well. Overall sales in this area were up 11 per cent compared to a year ago.

“Condominium apartments have weathered the winter best so far this year, with 733 sales to date but we remain confident that once the snow has melted, we will see a very active spring market overall,” said Ms. O’Neill. “The land transfer tax in Toronto concerns us and we continue to keep a watchful eye on how this tax plays out in the market.”

Source:  TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board)

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