Toronto Real Estate MLS Statistics: March 2008

It is time to look at some Toronto real estate statistics.  Below are graphs using information taken from the MLS and include all Toronto Districts.  Starting tomorrow you will be able to find the same information broken down district by district starting with C14 and will include all the C districts and E01-E03.  As always you can get this information broken down by street or postal code, just contact me for more personalised information. 

March Number of Units Sold 

Toronto Number of Units Sold March 08

There were 7011 units sold in March, up from 6527 in February

March Average Days on Market

Toronto Average Days on Market March 08

March’s average days on market was 29.76, Down from 30.91 in February

March Sold to Asking Price Ratio

Toronto Average asking to selling price ratio march 08

On average properties in Toronto sold for 98.36% of the Asking Price, the average is up marginally from February’s 98.32%.

March Average Selling Price 

Toronto Average Selling Price March 08

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