Toronto Real Estate Statistics: A Year in Review

This the 2007 year in review for the Toronto Real Estate Market.  All information below is taken directly from the Toronto Real Estate Board.  2007 was a year in which every month, so it was no real shock when the boards statistics came out showing it as the best year ever.  The below statistics are broken down into Average Price, Average Days on Market and Units Sold.  If you would like this information broken down into your postal code, MLS district or even to your street, please feel free to call or e-mail me.

Average Days on Market

Shown on the Graph below you can see that the Average Days on Market increased in December to 36.97, and the yearly average was 32.74 Days on the Market.


Units Sold

As expected with the Holiday season the number of units sold in December droped to 4692 giving a total of 100,981 units sold in 2007


Average Selling Price 

The December average selling price was the highest for 2007 at $401,905.00 and the overall yearly average was $381,011.29


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