Toronto Real Estate Statistics: MLS District C14 March 2008, North York

Below are some charts and graphs using information from the Toronto Real Estate Board for MLS District C14 in North York.  Later in the week we will look at East York’s E03 and E02 in the Beaches and North Yorks C15 will be near the end of the week.

Average Days on Market

North York Real Estate Statistics March 08, average days on market

March saw the average days on market for C14 drop down to 21.33 days from last months 27.94.

Units Sold

North York Real Estate Statistics, March 08 Units Sold

There were 140 units sold in C14, up slightly from February’s 135 units sold.

Selling to Asking Ratio

North York Real Estate Statistics, c14, March08, Selling to Asking Ratio

Sellers on average were getting 99.68% of there asking price in march.  Slightly higer than the 99.48% they were getting in February.

Average Selling Price

North York Real Estate Statistics, c14, March 08, Average Selling Price

The average selling price for c14 in March was $402, 385, up from February’s $389,919.

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