Toronto Real Estate Stats October 2008: City of Toronto

Today we are going to take a look at the real estate statistics for resale homes and condos.  These stats come from the Toronto Real Estate Boards MLS including all districts within the city of Toronto for the month of October 2008. 

Average Days on Market

The average days on market in Toronto during October 2008 was 32.03.  This was an increase of 19.39% over October 2007 and a decrease of 2.85% over 2006.

Housing Units Sold

There were 1,880 units sold in October.  This down 47.16% over 2007 and 38.56% over 2006.

Average Selling Price

The average selling price in October was $391,693.  This was down 9.80% from October 2007’s average of $434,246.  This number is down 0.15% over October 2006’s average of $392,292.

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