Toronto Real Estate Terrible MLS Photo of the Day #4

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Everyday I search the Toronto MLS looking for homes for my clients.  It still amazes me to see pictures of homes that their owners consider acceptable for there REALTOR® to use on the MLS to sell their valuable real estate.  I have been inspired to post these photos by Athol Kay a REALTOR® in Connecticut.  His series the “Bad MLS Photo of the Day” is a must read.

Todays photo is a great photo of a gate, hopefully there is a house that comes with it.

Terrible MLS Photo of the Day #4


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2 thoughts on “Toronto Real Estate Terrible MLS Photo of the Day #4”

  1. Athol,

    I am certainly not the photographer that you are, which is why I hire a professional for my listings. It really blows my mind how bad some of the photos are. I think home owners are to blame, solely because they put up with it.

    I guess all that matters from my perspective is that my current and future clients have their homes properly photographed.

    Thanks for visiting.

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